Saturday, 31 December 2011

Introducing me...

I'm good at wasting time,
I eat cheese, but only on pizza and sometimes on a fried potato.
I love music. Music is my soul, i can hear it an everyday, an every night. Its a one thing on my mind.
I like to chatting with everyone on 'facebook',
I  love all my friend, family, and cousin, especially 'Fakhira Firdaus, Nurilham Nazaruddin, haha act they are my adopted sister. I love them all.
I love to hear all Avenged Sevenfold songs, especially 'Dear God' and Nightmare.
I'm study lazily at SmkimII, ahaha !
I'm stay in Kuantan
I am 15 this year guys !
I'm just ordinary girl.
Not really good in English.
Love to singing, drawing guitar, bass guitar hahaha, colouring. Online my facebook account.
I really want to learn about acoustic guitar, keyboard and electric guitar.
I have my best friend, Rabiatul Athirah and her adopted sis, Syafiyah. And many more.
I love Kyo Propaganda. They are so cute! And funny too. And i love this word, 'wei banyak nye duit, mane dapat? haaa?' hahaha (not really know their members name.)
I play The Sims Social on facebook. Add me as your neighboor.
I miss FF, Cicak, Ecah, Sha, 'dll'.
I love Tiz Zaqyah, she was so cute like me. AHAHAHA.
I love A7X !
I love Nick Jonas, Synyster Gates, Nick Jonas *

Bye! :)